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It’s been a lean year for a lot of people, so we asked our resident money saver and also one of the heart and soul members of esg电竞比分详情 how they would save this holiday break. Here are some simple money-saving tips to help start off 2021 right.  

1. Staycation!

Though COVID restrictions are starting to lift, there is still uncertainty in travel.  A great way to save this holiday break is to take advantage of the restrictions and introduce yourself to the staycation!  Focus on day trips to the mountains, to the beach, enjoy a leisurely walk to get brunch with family and friends.  And as always, stay at home and stay safe – off the roads and socially distanced.

2. Spend Less, Bring More

Suggest a Secret Santa so you are not buying multiple presents or suggest a meal out as a shared experience. This way, you are giving and receiving quality time- which many people will appreciate over gifts anyway. If you are throwing a party or dinner, have everyone bring a dish or bottle of wine instead of gifts!

3. Make Lists

If you are someone who shops by the seat of your pants- basically using the store layout as your personal shopping list- you will be surprised how much time and money you save- especially around the party season- by making a shopping list and keeping the blinkers on to buy only the essentials. Trust us- department stores and supermarkets will try and sell you more than you need! If this requires more willpower- or energy- than you have right now, buy your groceries online. Most supermarkets offer free or very cheap delivery, and you will save hundreds by buying only the essentials.

4. Write Down Everything You Spend

Yep, this is a favourite of ours, and it is not the first (or last) time we’ve recommended it (and it won’t be the last). If you can stick to it, money trackers you can download straight to your phone can save you hundreds- especially over the holiday period, where parties and drinking are rife (and thus, so is spending). Apps can also help you to budget. We recommend Money Brilliant or  Pocketbook .

Apps like Wisr (and sometimes even your banking app) can even round up each spending to the nearest dollar to either save money or put it towards a bill payment. This allows you to save money without even realising you’re doing it!

5. Hold Off on New Clothes

Do you really need new apparel for the holiday season? A lot of us would say yes, but re-purposing clothes you haven’t worn for a while (particularly those who have been stuck in isolation!) is a way to save hundreds for you and your family every week.

According to the ABC’s War on Waste , Australia spends around $5 billion a year on fashion — and the average Australian spends $2,000 a year. Every year, half a million tonne of clothes and textiles end up in landfill.

If you are desperate for something “new”, do the environment as well as your wallet a favour and shop second-hand. Thrifting is a great way to buy quality clothes at a fraction of the price. Even better, you can throw a clothes swap party or share with friends.

6. Earn interest on your current savings

You can continue making the most of your cash savings by parking them inside a high interest savings account where you will be able to earn some extra money over Christmas. Despite multiple deposit rate cuts in recent times, introductory savings rates (which last for a few months) are currently as high as 1.90% right now.

The team at esg电竞比分详情 wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to a safe and improved new year for everyone. Thank you for your continued support.

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