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As of 1 st June 2020, Coronavirus restrictions have lifted further, coming as a huge relief to many Queensland business owners and employees. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk made the announcement on 30 May 2020 in an effort to further restart the Queensland economy and get life back to a new post COVID-19 normal. Palaszczuk also clarified what Stage 3 restrictions, lifting on 10 th July 2020, would look like.

This blog will look at:

  1. What has and will change (both for Stage 2 and Stage 3 restrictions); and
  2. How it will affect Qld business owners.
What are the Stage 2 Changes?

The main changes that have been revised as restrictions lift for Stage 2 restrictions are mentioned below. These came into effect at midday, 1 st June 2020.

  1. Unlimited travel (including overnight stays) throughout the entire State;
  2. Patrons in cafes, pubs and restaurants now increased to a maximum of 20 people;
  3. Larger venues opening for up to 20 people under an approved COVID Safe Industry plan;
  4. Patrons may consume alcohol without food at a seated table. (Note: bar services, including seated bar services, are not permitted);
  5. Wedding gathering limitations increased to 20 guests;
  6. Funerals allowed up to 50 people;
  7. Recreational travel, camping and accommodation, including caravan parks (anywhere in Queensland); and
  8. Gyms, health clubs, yoga studios, museums, art galleries, historic sites, indoor cinemas, open homes and concert venues are some businesses and community locations now allowed to accommodate up to 20 people.

With many of the above restrictions, numbers can be increased with the approval of a COVID SAFE Plan.

What are the Stage 3 Changes?

For the Stage 3 Changes being implemented on 10 July 2020, there are two main changes:

  1. Interstate travel will be permitted; and
  2. A maximum of 100 people will be permitted in gathering locations (including the locations mentioned above in Stage 2), with larger numbers being allowed with the approval of a COVID SAFE Plan.
What This Means for Queensland Businesses

With restrictions easing, businesses in Queensland can begin the process of returning to normal. Restrictions are still in place for social distancing measures as well as for the increased amount of personal hygiene required for continuing to keep this COVID-19 curve flat.

Australia’s “flattening of the curve” is unprecedented, with more than 4100 people who contracted the disease recovered as of late April. As of May, the growth in new Coronavirus cases in Australia was significantly slowing, likely due to the decrease in travel-related cases, according to the Guardian Australia .

Find out  more about current cases, total confirmed cases and tests conducted HERE .

If you are wanting to prepare your business for the new post COVID-19 normal before Stage 3 commences or have any questions about how the team at esg电竞比分详情 can help you make it count throughout this challenging time, please contact us on 073367 3155 or by emailing  

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