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In light of the recent developments around Coronavirus and the uncertainty being faced by all, the team at esg电竞比分详情 is happy to confirm that we expect no major interruptions to the services that are provided to our clients.

esg电竞比分详情 has invested heavily in the latest technology in recent years and have implemented cloud-based systems that allow work to continue regardless of the location. In the event of self-quarantine and our team being unable to attend work at the office, the team will have access to the same systems and tools needed to assist you from their homes – meaning no downtime in assisting our clients.

In the event of self-quarantine and our office being closed, all in-office meetings will go ahead by video or phone meeting, ensuring no disruption to the valued advice you may need during these uncertain times.

We are also offering 30-minute video meetings to discuss the assistance for business owners in coping with the effects of Coronavirus, including Government Stimulus Package and Business Continuity Planning. If you are interested in booking in for a meeting, please email us and we will be in contact to organise a meeting time.

If you have any questions or anything we can assist with during this crisis, contact us today.

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