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Your accountant may not be the first person you think of when Valentine’s Day approaches. While you may be focusing on spoiling your someone special or just spoiling yourself, we like to use this day to reflect on the reasons why the people who we are close to, both in a personal and professional sense, are the ones we keep near. To celebrate Valentine’s Day and the amount of love you have for your favourite accounting team, here are our five top reasons to love your accountant.

Reason 1: We Love the Things You Don’t.

The number one reason to love your accountant is because they love the things you don’t, like numbers, math and compliance. Things that would usually send you to sleep are the perfect reason to have a good relationship with, and one of the main reasons to love, your accountant.

Reason 2: We’re Trustworthy

Your accountant can be one of the best tools for your business’ success and are great sounding boards because they are the most trusted professional advisor. According to a recent study , this title means that we can offer you a wide range of services (88% of small business owners surveyed were happy with the amount of services their accountant offers), and that we know you and your business very well (84% of participants in that same survey agree). The close, trusted relationship that you have with your accountant is one of the reasons to love them.

Reason 3: We’re Great Listeners

As your accountant, we love to hear from you. On average, just 39% of all small business owners talk to their accountant once a month or more, according to the same study mentioned above. As far as we’re concerned, the more we talk to you, the more we can assist you when it comes to those big decisions that will impact your business, financials or tax position.

Reason 4: We Will Make You Feel Secure

There’s nothing worse than feeling insecure in a relationship. Thankfully the relationship with your accountant is guaranteed to make you feel secure as we make sure all the compliance sections of your business are taken care of. So, if you’re worried about the compliance areas in your business, talk to your accountant to help some of those worries as they make you feel secure knowing that we have compliance covered.

Reason 5: We Want a Future with You and We Want it to be Great

After commitment? It doesn’t get much more committed than the relationship with your accountant. Your accountant should want you to be with them for a long time, and want that long time to be exactly what you envision for your successes. As your accountant, we want to help you plan for the future you want, to know exactly what you need to do over the next three, six and twelve months to get there and to celebrate your wins when you do.

If you know someone who could use some accounting love this Valentine’s Day, we’d love to speak with them. Email their details to

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