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On Wednesday 20 th November 2019, we held our second event in our Things to Know About event series, this time focusing on Beards in Business. Although Beards in Business may sound like an odd topic, simply put, it was a fun play on the concept of ‘Competitive Advantage’. A competitive advantage is essential in the small business landscape.  It is how you compete and separate yourself from the herd. Furthermore, with all ticket proceeds being donated to Movember , beards became a fun, modern take on a traditional moustache. 

For this event, we brought together four of the best beards in business to talk on their personal experiences and industry knowledge on having and maintaining a competitive advantage in the small business space. On our panel, we had: James Eyre from Space Digital, Tim Bishop from NXT LVL (who was also our guest speaker for the evening), Dan Sugars from Dan Sugars Audio and Kurtley Osborne from Xero, who all did an outstanding job in sharing their opinions, humour and competitive advantage tips for our attendees.

Throughout the night, we were able to raise over $1,000 for Movember and inspire over 65 small business owners who attended the evening. If you would like to attend our next Things to Know About event, contact our team on 07 3367 3155 or email for information.

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