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You may have heard rumours about a new podcast that will be coming to your Spoitfy, Apple Podcast and other podcast platforms soon. We are happy to announce that the Make It Count Project will have its first episode released 1 November.

What is the Make It Count Project

Our vision at esg电竞比分详情 is to Make It Count. For us, this is what we live and breathe each day to remind us to constantly do our best to make a difference. This is a podcast for small business owners by a small business owner and is hosted by our very own Managing Director Nick Hill. This podcast will look into the fundamentals of small business, focusing on what Nick has learned throughout his own small business journey.

Why Listen?

Small business can be a lonely venture at times and listening to someone who has been there, experienced what you have and made it through the other side can be a be the difference between isolation and finding your community. Whether it’s motivation, small business tips and tricks or just to know more about the ins and outs of esg电竞比分详情, tune in each Friday to find out how you can Make It Count.

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