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Who runs the world? Well, according to the 2019 Women in Finance Awards that took place earlier this month, it is the amazing women that are creating headway in the accounting and finance industries and who are making it count each day.

Melanie McPhillips and Hayley Nixon attended this year’s awards ceremony earlier this month after being announced as finalists   in the Personal Assistant of the Year and Accountant of the Year categories, respectively. esg电竞比分详情 Chartered Accountants was also announced as a finalist in the Employer of the Year (SME) category, a huge win for the firm as a whole.

This award has been designed to recognise the women that are currently creating headway in the traditionally male-dominated accounting and finance industry. Whether it is a business who has created opportunity for women to achieve their goals, or women who are making a difference.

As award facilitators described, The Women in Finance Award “is a national program that recognises and champions the talents of female leaders in finance. The program is designed to celebrate the innovation, strength and diversity that female leadership brings to the table, both to clients and colleagues.”

See some of our nomination videos below.

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