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Your team is the group of people that you’ve hired, contracted or connected with to help you get the best results from your business. To have your business running like a well-oiled machine, it takes a lot of different parts to do this. Whether it’s a social people-person, detailed focus compliance person or the person always willing to lend a hand in the office, each person helps to create the unique environment that is your business.

We’ve outlined the four most common personality types that you in your business to help drive success.

The Social Personality

This personality type is often known as your typical people-person who have a lot of energy, optimism and an ability to connect with almost anyone. Their biggest strengths are in their words, which they then use to promote your people, products and services, making them a perfect fit for a client-facing role. This persuasiveness also works within your team as their social nature means that they are often an instigator of a team culture and the person who rallies others into social events. This personality type also believes that anything is possible with the right team, which is great for staff moral and motivation, however, if this personality finds themselves on the outside of the group, they can begin to feel a bit lost. This personality type also enjoys change, so routine and repetitive tasks (like bookkeeping or accounting) are not the best fit.

Best positions for this personality type in your business is a role that is relationship and client facing-based such as sales or a front-desk role.

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The Caring Personality

Having this caring personality type in your business is essential for creating an environment that staff want to be a part of and for fostering client and customer relationships.  This personality type is your go-to team player with an unwavering desire to help others as well as be more than happy to go with the flow. This personality type thrives in a mentoring, training and support style role where they can help others achieve the goals ahead of them. They are team orientated and constantly working towards the best outcome for everyone. With their demographic approach, this caring type makes sure everyone’s voices are being heard. However, being as kind and caring as they are can mean that this personality type lacks assertiveness, which be a potential issue with areas of strict parameters, such as accounts and cashflow.

Best positions for this personality type in your business is a role that needs a caring touch, such as human resources, management (with training on how to be more assertive) and personal assistant roles.

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The Go-Getter Personality

These direct personality types place an emphasis on shaping the environment they’re working in by overcoming opposition to accomplish results. If you have a target, these are the people to hit them. Go-getters are direct, driven, self-confident and fast-paced, however, are criticised with lacking the communicating finesse of other personality types. These are the people that are looking for a challenge and will tackle whatever challenge you can give them head on.  Their one weakness is the lack of deliberation in decision making which can mean important details get missed. This can become an issue in bigger risk-taking decisions, especially when financial elements come into play.

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The Detailed-Orientated Personality

Position in your Business: Administration, compliance or any role where strong attention to detail is a must.

These detail-orientated people like their i’s dotted and t’s crossed and enjoy working conscientiously within existing circumstances to ensure quality and accuracy. If there is an opportunity for them to gain knowledge or show expertise, then they will be the first people to raise their hand. They are very systematic and can often be described as careful and cautious. In other words, if you’re looking for accuracy, then is the personality that you want on the job. Typically introverted in nature, this personality prefers independent working and can sometimes hold themselves back from contributing due to fears of being wrong or facing criticism.

A detail-orientated personality is best suited to tasks where a strong attention to detail is required, such as compliance, data entry or administration roles.

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