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There are many reasons an employee create a persona in their professional lives; some chose to wear a professional mark to fit in with corporate culture, while others chose to suit up Monday to Friday to portray their professionalism. Regardless, the double life your employees have are often worlds apart. The weekend warrior is often very different to the suited, caffeine-fuelled individual who presents themselves at 8 am each morning, ready to climb the corporate ladder.


Why do they need a double life?

Everything from language choice, the acceptability of clothing and mannerisms create the expectations and, in turn, the reputation of a company or business. Therefore, having employees which reflect the type of company you want is essential to your success. Regardless of how relaxed your employee is on the weekend, if they perform their job well, their personal life shouldn’t interfere with their job during the working week.

Similarly, your employee and their personal life should be separated from their professional work persona. Work-life balance is paramount to happy and productive employees. Therefore, ensuring your employees are able to relax and recharge when they are away from work means they will be more willing to strive for personal success within your company. Furthermore, when an employee develops skills and hobbies away from the office, they are more likely to be out-of-the-box thinkers. These new ideas, platforms, and networks are often the stepping stones for greatest business potentials and professional ideas.


The benefits of personal employees

An employee who is genuinely themselves during the week, however, can be the greatest tool of any business. Where appropriate, an employee who shares their personal aspirations, ideas and drives can motivate fellow employees to greater success. This positive influence often creates a ripple effect in a workplace, making the work environment happier and united with greater job satisfaction. Furthermore, a genuine personality is one of the most successful tools when building strong relationships, excelling at networking and creating a strong, positive impression and image of themselves and your business.


Double life balance checks

  • Ensure you are a strong example of what is acceptable in your workplace. How you conduct yourself is the greatest indicator of your everyday professionalism and expectations for employees, especially new starters.
  • Give your employees the opportunity to let their personality shine. Whether it be Friday drinks, once-a-month team building activities or team lunches. Ensure your employees are able to build meaningful relationships with each other and create a strong and united work culture.
  • Ensure you employees are productive. It is great for your employees to share and bond over interests outside of work. Employers need to remember an employee is hired to do a job. Therefore during work time that needs to be a priority.


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