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At Space Digital, a fun, relaxed, enjoyable work culture and office environment is extremely important to us. Being able to get up each day and actually enjoy heading to work is both a blessing and a right to each and every one of our team members.
Providing a good working environment for your employees is important for many reasons. Some of these include:

  • Promotes positive vibes and improves mood;
  • Increases mental simulations for better productivity;
  • Improves team building and culture;
  • Decreases stress;
  • Improves employee retention;
  • Creates a positive work-life balance.

At the Space Digital office we have two meeting rooms; one of which is always fought over as it just ‘feels’ a better environment to be in. When we were introduced to PIXERS Business , we were delighted to hear they offered a ‘ workplacetherapy ’ program, designed to improve working environments. We knew this was the perfect way to spice up our not-so-popular meeting room.

Here is what the meeting room looked like previously:

PIXERS personalises many types of interiors all over the world and   they specialise in wall murals, canvas prints and stickers. They were extremely helpful with proving us with the information and tips we needed to make our meeting room energising. They offered great advice and suggestions and sent through many personalised options for us to choose from. It was very exciting for the Space team!
Once we had chosen and finalized our designs, our wall murals were shipped very quickly. At first, we were concerned the murals would be difficult to apply, but their ‘pixerstick’ material was easy to apply, remove, peel and stick. PIXERS even created a logo mural of our partnered accounting business for the table, which the clients think is pretty awesome!
And can you guess which meeting room is the most popular now?

Take a look at home our room has improved:

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