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  1. Scorecards – Daily scorecards detailing connects, client visits and solicited sales. To be completed by each sales person daily and sent to the sales manager for consolidating on a weekly basis. The scorecards will identify under performers and direct attention to either increasing sales activity or training requirements necessary to increase conversions.


  1. AM & PM Boards – Boards to be run by the sales manager. AM Board, each sales person must be prepared with their days preplanned calls. Each sales person shares an overview of their planned calls. PM board – each sales person reports on their success and challengers. PM boards are an opportunity to provide leverage to the other members of the sales team and assist with preplanning for the following days calls. The board process is designed to create energy, enforce preplanning, encourage sharing and leverage and to hold each sales person accountable.


  1. Key Account Reviews – one on one review conducted by the sales manager and each sales person. The purpose is to review each sales person’s pipeline, hold them accountable to the organization’s sales process and touch point program and identify training needs.


  1. Training – training goes hand in hand with a sales person’s success. It is recommended a phone splitter is used to allow the sales manager to listen in on calls to identify unhandled objectives and training requirements. This is often done at the key account review on a sample of different call types. The listening in process allows the sales manager to provide immediate on the floor feedback. Formal training should subsequently follow and done on a group basis. This training often includes role plays for each call type, a product knowledge refresher including features and benefits and a workshop component to give each sales person an opportunity to document sales strategy for the following quarter.
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