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Planning – it can seem like a daunting task to reflect on where you currently are, where you want to be and then planning to get there. Not only can this process be time-consuming (we know how long a full business plan can take to write) and, quite simply, being honest about where you’re currently at and where you want be can be a confronting. But, frequently evaluating your goals, especially when you’re in small business, can be the difference between succeeding and becoming another statistic. After all, knowing where you’re heading, being on task, having focus and drive to achieve your goals are simple and effective ways to get you ahead of your competition. With our Now Where How tool, you can quickly reflect on where you are, where you want to be and put a strategy together to get there.


The Tool You Need:

Click here to download our Now-Where-How tool.


How Long Does It Take To Do?
1-3 hours


How Do I Use It?
This tool is best done when you have at least an hour to dedicate to it. Simply work your way down the attached paged to and complete all three sections.

Section 1: Where Am I Now?
This section is designed to help you think about where you currently are in your business as of today. Think about your revenue amount, clientele, sales, staff and overall happiness with your
business. It’s important to be honest with yourself in this section as an honest answer will lead to more realistic goal setting.

Section 2: Where Do I want to Be?
Goal setting can be a tough task for business owners. However, doing this frequently is one of the most effective ways to stay focused and achieve your targets. Think about your ideal future. What does your life and business look like in three, six and twelve months? Be realistic in this section and aim to create tough yet achievable goals.

Section 3: How, Who and When?
This is all about creating a strategy to make your Where happen. Think about the strategies and changes that you will need to make to achieve your goals – this is your How. Consider Who you have in your life that can help you reach your Where. Do you have any areas where you need to meet allies to help you in your How? How could you meet them? Finally, put time frames around your strategies to keep yourself accountable.


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