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Many business owners get confused between being a boss and being a  leader . They manage but do not lead, and as a result, do not achieve the most out of their team … their people.

A great leader can take an ordinary team and make them extraordinary. In order to work on improving your leadership, you need the right mindset. Here are six tips I believe all great leaders should be aware of:

Improving Leadership: 5 Steps to success

#1 – Take responsibility and be accountable

When your staff screws up, it’s on you. Be accountable not only for your actions but those who look to you for leadership.


#2 – Control your emotions

Emotions are a valuable tool, but they can also be detrimental. There are times to use emotions; the Monday morning motivation speech or the end of month congratulatory drinks thanking the staff for a job well done. But if you are sitting across the table from an angry staff member and then you jump on board with that anger, things will fall apart. Your perception to that staff member and those aware of your slip up will become poor.


#3 – Lead by Example

If you complain you, will be surrounded by complainers. If you rock up late and leave early, your staff will follow suit. If you are happy to have that culture then that is fine, but if you want to instill a level of work ethic that rivals Olympians then you need to set the example.


#4 – Listen

Listen to your staff, listen to your clients. Understand their wants and needs.


#5 – Be Accepting

Understand that people will have different opinions. You will dictate culture and what your expectations of the firm are, but just be accepting of others opinions. You don’t have to agree.


#6 – Expect No Thanks

People will thank you and be appreciative, but don’t expect it. If you expect the world to show you love you will be disappointed and it will get to you.  You’re a leader due to your passion to do so, not for the hero status.


Remember that leadership can truly dictate the success of your team and business. The goal is to focus on improving your leadership skills and mindset every day.

If you would like to discuss leadership further please contact Nick at

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