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When you first start a business, the thought of being out there on your own can seem a little overwhelming. Why have I put the word ‘thought’ in bold? So you’ll remember that being out there on your own is simply that – a thought.

Even if you’re a solo business owner, it doesn’t mean you should know, do, and control everything. You may have perfected managing, entrepreneurship, or a specialty trade, but it’s important to remember that’s where your time is best spent. Having a network of professionals around can increase the efficiency, profit and overall success of your business. Taking the time to reach out to professionals will ultimately save your valuable time, so you can concentrate on the most important thing – running your business.

We have created a list of experts every small business owner needs to maximise their chances of achieving their business goals.


The short, bold, blunt explanation – you need us. As for the more detailed description, accountants are there to ensure your finances on track. They will be on top of the latest tax laws, can guide you through a financial crisis and offer professional financial advice. They can also help you with structuring a business plan for long-term financial security. Working with a decent accountant could save you thousands, because money is their expertise! If you want an even more in depth explanation of how an awesome accountant could guide you to the road of success, check out our blog post 5 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Need Accountants .


I’m not saying you’re going to end up in court, but chances are you’re going to need some form of legal advice during your time as a business owner. Tasks such as drafting shareholders’ agreements, building business contracts, structuring your business and assisting with employment law issues are all common reasons why small business owners may seek assistance from a solicitor. It’s a smart idea to build a rapport with your solicitor from the very start, so they can appropriately guide you right from the beginning of your business … and avoid that unwanted court hearing!

Financial Planner

To name a few common financial questions; how much money do I need to start my business? How profitable will my business be? Can I afford that extra staff member? What’s the best way to go about selling my business? As a small business owner, you should be prepared to cross paths with many financial questions and concerns. Having a finance specialist who can create a solid business plan for you is a crucial element to the success of a profitable business. Never underestimate the value of gaining expert advice from a professional and having financial goals and structured planning in place.  

Business Coach

In any successful businessman’s career, there will be a time where trade seems impossible. It can be disheartening if business performance is slowing down, especially when you can’t pin point the issue. A business coach will guide you through these hopeless times and identify what’s causing the issue, moving you from where you currently stand to where you want to be. Not only will a business coach focus on your short and long-term goals, they often spark new revolutionising ideas into your business. They aren’t afraid of correcting you with an unbiased opinion, and you may find yourself introduced to a whole new network of professionals in your industry.                                                      

Marketing Manager

Last, but most certainly not least, marketing specialists are an absolute necessity for small businesses, particularly in the ever-developing online world. You may have the perfect product, but without reaching your target audience, you’ll find yourself in a rather fruitless business. Having a specialised marketing team solely focusing on the promotion of your business and attracting potential customers means you can concentrate on the quality of your product or service and keep those new customers coming back for more!

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