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Getting a lot of good Google Reviews on your local Google business listing should be the corner stone of your local SEO strategy as it can have a HUGE impact on your local search rankings.
Unfortunately, getting your clients to give you business reviews on Google isn’t an easy task. We hear many businesses complaining about their clients getting lost when trying to locate their Google page when asked to leave a review, or confused about where to even write the review.
We have found an awesome FREE tool to make all this confusion disappear –  Grade Us
With Grade Us, you can generate a URL which takes your client directly to a page where they can review your business. Check out these 4 simple steps:

How to get your Google Reviews:


#1 Enter your Business name and postcode

#2 Select your Google Business account


#3 Copy the relevant generated URL (we find the first option works best!)


#4 Share your URL with your clients so they can easily review your business

In summary, this is something that every business can be doing to increase their online presence with ease.
Make it easy for your clients to spread the word of how awesome your business is! and leverage the amazing power of FREE Google advertising. If you are interested in learning more about Google advertising, drop us a line Keep up to date with what’s going on in the design & digital world with our expertise, freebies & resources!

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