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As business owners, we understand the importance of continual learning for the growth of our ventures. The guys and I caught up last week to discuss the top books we’ve recently read and realised this would be a great resource for any business owner who is serious about taking their business to the next level.

These are the top three books we have read over the past few months and highly recommend.



The 1 Thing by Gary Keller

With all the different things you could be doing in your business, how are you to know where to spend your limited amount of time to make the most impact?

This best selling book, not only helps you understand what it is that you should be doing, but, also helps you put strategies in place that will help you achieve ‘extraordinary results’.

Why read it: Use the simple, powerful concept to focus on what matters most in both your personal and working life.  

Get it here


Deep Work by Cal Newport

Do you have trouble holding your focus on a task until it is complete? Do you continually switch between browser windows, devices or check your emails 1000 times an hour?

If you are anything like me, with all the distractions and interruptions that continually happen throughout the day, it feels almost impossible to sit down and focus on a single task for a solid 30-minute period (I have literally checked my emails since starting writing this sentence).

Deep Work explores the value of being able to really focus on a task and provides strategies you can put in place to be more productive and accomplish the work that is important to your business.

Why read it: If your work day is a cluster &^%$ of interruptions caused from both external sources (e.g. emails) and internal (your social media addiction), then use this book to create an environment where you can get better quality work done.

Get it here .


The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

This book is one that had an immediate and powerful impact on the way I lead my life and has been a hit with everyone I have recommended it to.

It really is such a simple idea; Hal Elrod will not only convince you that getting up when it’s still dark is a good idea, but he also provides guidance on how you can make the most of those extra hours each day.

Why read it: I have found the hours in the morning (before 7am) is the time that I can truly call my own time without interruption, where I can spend it doing the things that are really important to my business.

Get it here

I hope you enjoy reading these books and get as much out of them as we have. If you have any other books that you have read recently that you think would be good to share please let us know and I will add to our reading list!

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