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How To Verify Your Facebook Business Listing

Have you verified your Facebook Business listing? We hadn’t until a couple of days ago and the reason for this was we didn’t realize we needed to!
Once verified, Facebook provides the following benefits:

  1. Have a verified badge to let visitors know the Page is authentic (Kind of cool)
  2. Get early access to new features (Ehhh)
  3. Show up higher in search results to attract more visitors (Very cool)

Being that Facebook verification only takes a minute or two, it is something that you should be doing right now so that you can benefit from a verified listing. Lets get started!
Firstly, login to your Facebook business page and then navigate to the settings tab. You will see the below options:

Then click on edit and then ‘Verify this page’

Facebook will let you know why you should verify your page and now you can get started!

Facebook will then call you on the phone number that you have listed on your page and provide you with a verification code. Enter this and you are done!

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