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You probably imagine us as a bunch of boring, balding oldies who sit at our desks counting numbers all day (it’s ok, no offence taken). But the truth is, we couldn’t be further from it.

Yes, we’re a crafty team of clever clogs who happen to be pretty good with figures and money, but we’re also a team of bubbly young professionals who, like you, enjoy a cheeky beer on a Friday afternoon. My point is, accountants are just regular human beings who can relate to your wants and needs. You should always feel confident that your accountant has your best interests at heart – remember, your success is our success!

Why is a good relationship with your accountant important?

Chances are you’re not an accountant yourself – you probably have better things to do with your time (again, no offence taken). That’s why it’s essential to have a professional by your side to guide you through financial matters that are beyond your knowledge. But for this to happen efficiently there must be a strong element of trust in your relationship.

Imagine not trusting your doctor and they start offering you their personal, but still professional opinion. It’s likely you’ll either take it with a grain of salt, completely ignore their opinion, or seek advice elsewhere. Worst still, you’d probably avoid visiting your doctor at all together, which could cause bigger issues in the future. The relationship with your accountant is similar to a doctor; you need to trust them in order to take on their financial advice. If you dread picking up the phone to ask your accountant a question, you’re certainly not making the most out of their expertise – and your money!

Good interactive skills are essential when it comes to rapport building. Your accountant needs to have a good understanding and genuine interest in your life in order to give you the correct guidance. Unfitting or misleading advice could cost you, so make sure you work with someone who you can be honest with and communicates with you regularly, not just when your tax return is due.

Money’s not everything, but it’s certainly something. For future financial security and long-term success it certainly pays to find the right accountant for you.


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