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Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Up until the late 90s, the concept of a blog was yet to be born. Sure, there were advice columns, informative articles and personal diary entries of such, but the blogging era has only bloomed in the last couple of decades and it continues to thrive now more than ever!
Blogs can range from professional advice to personal experiences and recommendations. They are usually created regularly by a business or an individual of interest and offer information, entertaining content or useful material. Businesses also use blogs as a way to interact with existing and potential clients.

Why does  your business need a blog?

Whenever you turn to the internet for information, whether that’s looking for instructions on how to reboot a frozen laptop or searching for ‘worst dressed’ at the latest red carpet event, you’re most likely to land on a blog post for your answer. In fact, I often wonder how we ever lived without the guidance of blogs.
There are significant benefits for businesses who take pride in their online presence. Blogs are a cost-effective yet efficient way to market a business online, no matter its size, industry or age. By offering helpful advice or creating entertaining content on your blog you’re likely to attract more traffic to your website. It’s important to include keywords throughout your posts which will help to reach a more specifically targeted audience. This, along with accompanying your post with a compelling title, subtitle and images, will increase overall brand awareness of your business … that’s how I got you here, right?

Blogs also offer a chance to show off your company’s personality and what it stands for. If you aim for a friendly, casual relationship with your clients, you’re free to make the voice in your blog posts as informal as you wish. If you’re writing for a more serious matter then choose an appropriate conversation style. This is your chance to show your target audience what you and your business are all about.

What can I do for my Business?

The truth is people love free things; free advice, free gifts, free entertainment. If your business is offering something free and beneficial to a consumer, whether that’s an interesting article or helpful advice, they are going to be positively swayed to your business. People also love to share great content with their friends and family, so if your blog post is worth a mention or social share your audience reach (and hopefully paying customers) will be greater.
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